By competitors and distribution, Eudorex is considered an emerging company with strong innovative connotation

For years we have been solving problems related to hygiene in large and small communities , aiming to ensure proper sanitation of environments in compliance with current health regulations . The quality of products and the professionalism of the human resources, make Eudorex the leading company in the sector

We have a wide range of products for the hygiene and the cleaning of the environment , and we make use of a well-organized logistic service , with a warehouse storage to guarantee deliveries always in line with the programming and the needs of its customers . The Company is structured to provide customers with pre and post sales and due to the industry knowledge gained over the years , can offer a wide range of products made by leading companies with whom it has entered into a collaborative relationship at the highest levels .


Eudorex works in the domestic and professional clearing field with two different product lines two different sales networks. In both of the market sit works with its own brands Eudorex and Pannopell for Consumer market and Eudorex pro for the professional one. Pannopell identifies all ‘traditional’ products, Eudorex, on the other side, all microfibers, FIBRE POLIATTIVE®, SFERATTIVA® sponge scourers.


Distribution is made through approximately 700 customers divided into 3 typologies: wholesalers, independent retail, large-scale retail trade.

The most important customers of Italian Large Scale Distribution and Organized Distribution are: FINIPER, AUCHAN, CONAD, UNES, ACQUA & SAPONE, MAURIS, RICA, DECO, COOP. Eudorex is present on 22% of Italian distribution.


Distribution works through 500 customers, specialised wholesalers of professional field.


Eudorex works in the owned factory located in the Industrial Area of Acerra, logistically well served, connected to A1 highway.

The industrial buildinghas been built on a total area of 8.000 sq.mts for a total 4.000 sq.mts covered dedicated to offices, production and warehouse of raw materials and finished goods.


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